Achieving retirement balance

It's about time. As you get closer to retirement, it can be daunting to find a balance between living well today and saving enough for a comfortable tomorrow. We can help you make the most of the time you have left to build your savings—and of the years you’ll spend enjoying them.

  • Learn the five steps to retirement planning that you should consider taking now.

  • Use the retirement planner at to personalize your plan for retirement.

  • Find tips and tools below to help you strike the right balance for better financial health.


Retirement strategy

Explore approaches to saving and investing for retirement income.

Women’s retirement planning: invest in your future self

Women face unique challenges compared to men when planning for income in retirement.

Learn four factors you should consider

Help keep your goals in sight with a diversified retirement account

How to strike an appropriate balance between growth potential and preserving your savings.

See how diversifying can help keep you on track

Personal finances

Learn about Social Security, the cost of retirement, and other key factors that can affect your financial wellness today and tomorrow.

What impact will Social Security have on your income?

When it comes to Social Security, it's smart to know what's coming. Here are some details on how benefits are determined and guidelines for choosing your payout option.

Learn more about Social Security

The potential pros and cons of downsizing

While the idea of a smaller retirement home can be appealing, there are factors to consider.

Look at downsizing from both sides

Health and lifestyle

Gain insight on Medicare decisions, maintaining good health, connecting socially, and how to live a long and rewarding life.

How to take control of stress so it doesn't control you

Mindfulness can get you through today's stressful moments and help lay the groundwork for a more balanced retirement. Here are some tips for getting started.

Get better at handling stress

Getting a clearer picture of Medicare

Consider learning as much as you can about Medicare before you turn 65—it can help you determine the right plan for you.

Check out the rules and requirements

Worksheets and resources


    Retirement planner companion worksheet

    Personalize your retirement planner projection further with more detailed expense and income information.

    Download the fillable worksheet

    Looking at taxes after retirement

    Use this primer to learn how retirement income is taxed.

    Download the checklist

    Putting together your portfolio of retirement pursuits

    Bring your retirement income planning to the next level by funding the activities you most want to accomplish.

    Download the fillable worksheet

    Countdown to retirement: choose your horizon

    Identfiy tips on important financial, social, and overall wellness activities based on your target retirement date.

    Download the worksheet

View your personalized retirement expenses, check your projected income, and update your approach

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