An inclusive participant experience 

We provide your Spanish-speaking participants with a broad range of support to help them strengthen their financial well-being and make the most of your retirement plan.

One-on-one assistance

Experienced, Spanish-speaking representatives are available to answer questions, help with transactions, and help ensure your entire workforce understands the benefits your plan offers.

  • Day-to-day support

    Participants can speak with a service representative for help with their account or take advantage of the many self-help services available through our automated response system.     

  • Personalized guidance

    Your participants can receive personalized guidance from our team of licensed specialists to help them enroll, decide on a saving rate, and understand their investment options.

Packaged campaigns

Our suite of ready-to-use campaigns includes emails, videos, and flyers that you can use with your Spanish-speaking participants to help them make informed decisions and help improve saving behaviors.

  • Retirement planning

    • Enrolling in the retirement plan
    • Boosting retirement savings
    • Understanding distribution options1
    • Looking ahead to retirement 
  • Investing

    • Learning the basics
    • Creating a diversified portfolio
    • Investing for the long-term
    • Navigating market volatility
  • Financial well-being

    • Creating a budget
    • Building emergency savings
    • Managing debt
    • Saving for college

My Learning Center

Conveniently located on and our retirement app, My Learning Center offers a variety of educational material and tools to help participants navigate life's financial milestones.

  • Financial wellness assessment

    Participants can receive a financial wellness assessment plus a personalized action plan to help them address their most pressing financial needs.         

  • On-demand learning

    Our webinars are hosted by Spanish-speaking representatives, and we provide self-guided education to help your participants build the skills needed to manage their finances and plan for tomorrow.   

Plan sponsor reporting

Our easy-to-read report provides unique insight into participant activities on My Learning Center during selected timeframes, including the number of assets viewed in Spanish.

1 As other options are available such as leaving their savings in their old plan, rolling over to an IRA, or cashing out, participants are encouraged to review all their options to determine if combining retirement accounts is suitable for them.  

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