We believe in the power of a plan

You provide your team with a valuable benefit—a retirement savings plan. We provide participants with personalized guidance to help them create a plan to meet their unique goals.

A personalized experience

We help participants plug into the power of their plan through consistent, holistic, and personalized guidance and engagement.

  • Participant website

    Participants can connect with all their John Hancock plans, viewing their overall balance and engaging with each individual plan. Personalized tools and resources help them set goals, increase their financial literacy, and manage their finances on the way to retirement readiness.

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  • Mobile app

    With facial recognition and touch ID, participants can use the mobile app to enroll in the plan, view account details, make changes to contributions and investments, and use helpful financial tools.

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  • Targeted outreach

    Our engagement program educates and guides participants by suggesting timely and productive next steps throughout their financial journey to retirement.

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  • One-on-one assistance

    Sometimes, people need someone to talk to for help making decisions at critical financial milestones. We have a dedicated call center of licensed associates who are here to help with enrollment, consolidation,1 in-plan advice, and transition support.

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Our award-winning2 online enrollment gets people saving, guiding them through the process and their choices

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Online enrollment achieves higher deferral rates than paper-based enrollment3

Chart shows the contribution rates for different enrollement methods: 5.5% for paper, 7.1% for online guided, 9% for online express

A plan for retirement spending and income

Our groundbreaking retirement planner uses data and predictive analytics to show participants their projected income and spending needs in retirement. Participants can further personalize and model their projections by adding their education level, health factors, or retirement details to fine-tune their plan.

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Chart shows 94% of retirement planner users added information to further personalize their retirement strategy

of retirement planner users added information to further personalize their retirement strategy4

Chart shows 22% of retirement planner users made a positive change, with an average contribution rate increase of 4.6%

of retirement planner users made a positive change, with an average contribution rate increase of 4.2%5

A plan for investing

We help participants create and implement an investment strategy, whether they want to invest on their own, receive some guidance, or have their savings professionally managed.

Chart shows 87% say having their retirement savings professionally managed improves how prepared they feel for retirement

say having their retirement savings professionally managed improves how prepared they feel for retirement6

Chart shows 76% of participants would like help choosing their investments

of participants would like help choosing their investments7

  • John Hancock Personalized Retirement Advice for help with investments

    Participants who want help selecting and managing their investments can enroll in Personalized Retirement Advice. They’ll receive a personalized saving and investing strategy, as well as ongoing professional management of their investments. The advice is supported by Morningstar, an independent registered investment adviser, with one-on-one help provided over the phone by a dedicated team of John Hancock specialists.8

A plan for financial wellness

To enable saving for retirement, we help participants assess their financial wellness and provide them with a personalized action plan to help them manage their overall finances.

  • Help with financial literacy

    My Learning Center offers participants a financial wellness assessment and score, and provides a customized learning experience.

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  • Personal finance organizer

    With a comprehensive view of their finances, participants can get insight into their spending and manage their household budget.

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  • Emergency savings

    We make it easy for participants to save for the unexpected with recurring transfers to an emergency savings account. 

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  • College planning guidance

    Participants and their families can access practical tools and resources for help navigating the college planning and application process.  

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Related viewpoints

As other options are available, participants are encouraged to review all of their options to determine if combining their retirement accounts is suitable for them. “DALBAR’s State of the Industry—Online Enrollment,” DALBAR, October 2020. 3 John Hancock group annuity and open-architecture platforms, July and August 2020. John Hancock group annuity and open architecture platforms, May–November 2020.  5 John Hancock open architecture platform, 6/1/20-5/31/21. 6 In July 2020, John Hancock commissioned our seventh annual financial stress survey with the respected research firm Greenwald & Associates. An online survey of 589 workers was conducted between 7/28/20 and 8/14/20 to learn more about individual stress levels, their causes and effects, and strategies for relief. John Hancock and Greenwald & Associates are not affiliated, and neither is responsible for the liabilities of the other. 7 John Hancock financial wellness assessment, as of July 12, 2020. 8 Participation in John Hancock Personalized Retirement Advice (Retirement Advice) does not guarantee investment success. All investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Fees for this service are based on a tiered schedule and vary by account balance. For more information, consult the John Hancock Personalized Retirement Advice Investment Advisory Agreement. John Hancock Personal Financial Services, LLC (JHPFS), a registered investment adviser and affiliate of John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, LLC (JHRPS), is the investment manager of the Retirement Advice program. JHPFS has selected Morningstar Investment Management LLC, a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc., to act as the “independent financial expert” (as defined in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Advisory Opinion 2001-09A) for Retirement Advice. JHPFS monitors Morningstar Investment Management's performance. Morningstar Investment Management LLC is not affiliated with JHRPS, JHPFS, or its affiliates.  JHPFS acts as a fiduciary with respect to the management of Retirement Advice investments.