Viewpoints about Retirement plan investments

  • Mixing up your investments with a diversified retirement account

    Deciding how to invest your retirement savings can be challenging. Employer-sponsored retirement plans often provide dozens of options to choose from. One thing most financial professionals agree on is that diversifying—or mixing—your retirement investments may help you build your savings and manage risk over the long term.

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  • What's an ETF?

    Simply put, an ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is a basket of securities that trades on an exchange, much like a stock. ETFs are generally highly transparent and liquid.

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  • Active or passive investing—choosing the right one for your retirement plan

    Both passively and actively managed funds can play important roles in a 401(k) plan investment lineup. Here’s a brief look at both types of funds, as well as some of the factors to consider when deciding which ones are right for your plan and participants.

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